The USPTO Has Just Published Our Patent!

After 2 very long years of work, we’ve been anxiously awaiting this day: the US Patent & Trademark Office has finally published our patent! Google’s bots were more than accommodating and you can find the full patent filing here:

The Gonebusy Developer Portal is now on GitHub Pages!

We’re excited to bring the Developer Portal onto GitHub Pages because it’s easy to maintain, takes care of hosting, and let’s our platform servers focus on booking — what we do best. We’re also looking forward to what you contribute to Gonebusy by helping us keep this documentation current and informative. Giant:+1:!!!

Updated User Agreements and Privacy Policy

We’ve updated the User Agreements and Privacy Policy that govern the use of Gonebusy. Please read the updated User Agreement and Privacy Policy and let us know if you have any questions. Thanks, and Happy Booking!